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Shell & Core

Don't let conventions hem you in. Different people have different ideas. Shell & Core lofts allow you to make your vision of home a reality. Design the interior layout yourself or with the assistance of prominent architects.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

Prostor pro kvalitní bydlení

Accept no compromises. No unwanted walls or partitions. You decide the loft layout. The way you want it. The way you feel it's right. The way the space dictates. Originally from the U.S., the Shell & Core concept allows residents to take part in the design of their dwelling.

Prominent interior designer Ivanka Kowalski relies on her natural artistic talent, refined taste, and extensive experience from living in London and New York. The unmistakable lobby and wellness design was created by Radka and Jakub Vala, an architect couple known as OOOOX, who are intimately familiar with the industrial setting. Likewise, Vanguard's interior reflects the ideas, images, metaphors, concepts, and visions of Studio S K U L L.

No Holds Barred

Exposed concrete and 4.5 m ceilings provide ample room for unrestrained vision. Inspire yourself by the Microna factory's history. Or follow the path of the unknown.

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Infinite Space

A blank sheet, 40 to 700 square meters in size.

Discerning clients want more than the run-of-the-mill standard. They accept no less than the design of their dreams. Shell & Core at Vanguard allows you to make any of your wants and wishes come true.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

Reflection of Uniqueness

From the floor to walls, all the way to the sky-high ceiling. You decide the layout, doors, tiles, bathroom fixtures. Where is the limit of your imagination?

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Lofts are ready for delivery from 09/2023

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