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Unique Lofts

Industrial living in Prague

A unique concept of lofts is being created through the ingenious redevelopment of a former aviation factory in Modřany.

A project that is unmatched in the Czech Republic. 150 lofts. 150 opportunities to be yourself. Vanguard – a project that doesn't rely on the vision of the architects and designers alone. You are the creator too.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

Do it your way

Each of the 150 lofts is an opportunity to express your creativity. The spacious units sized up to 250 m2 offer ample space for bringing your idea of the perfect home to fruition.

Design & Lifestyle

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

Zen Garden- A sanctuary from the everyday monotony

You're a true human being. You need no pretense, no competition. Your main assets are empathy and the ability to compromise. You enjoy the company of others as much as being alone.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

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No half-baked solutions. A home with no compromises.

Living life to the fullest, to the very last breath. Making your dreams come true, without always having to win. Looking forward to every new challenge.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)
(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

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Shell & core

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

A loft is like a canvas waiting for the painter’s brush.

You long for infinity. You want a space that will be the blank canvas for your wild unbridled creativity, subject to no limits, no restrictions, no predefined boundaries. You're in charge of your destiny and your personal habitat.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

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It's up to you how you experience Vanguard

Car lift, concierge, private terrace, spa, reception, fitness, pool, 4.5 m high ceilings, and concrete.

Each of the 150 lofts is a chance for you to express your creativity – More About Services

Become Vanguard

Lofts are ready for delivery from 09/2023

Want to know more?

VANGUARD is exceptional, like every person interested in this residential project. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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