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Up. Down. Always focused on the result. Making your dreams come true, no matter what the cost. The sweet smell of gasoline, a road with no end. Vanguard lofts let you live, as opposed to surviving. The higher principle shines through every moment.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

Prostor pro kvalitní bydlení

Surround yourself with things that bring joy. Accept no half-baked solutions. Superior materials, supreme services, state-of-the-art technologies. Vanguard allows no compromise, just like you.

"I believe in authenticity. I keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. I have nothing to prove. I know the true value of things. I love revving up the engine, hitting the road, and exploring the unknown. I enjoy a tasty drink while watching the rooftops of nighttime Prague."

Studio S K U L L, the author of the interior design, transforms ideas, images, metaphors, concepts, and visions into matter through objects of varied character. This fascinating mixture of arts and crafts is the essential ingredient of everything created in S K U L L laboratories.

Infinite Lightness of Being

Alone, a couple, with friends. Vanguard's amenities offer much more than an exclusive address. A spacious terrace for every loft, a rooftop terrace with panoramic sauna, barbecue, concierge services …

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Parking at Your Doorstep

Living It Up

Vanguard's extraordinary nature embodies many unique features. One of them is a lift that allows you to bring your car or motorbike as far as your doorstep.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

The Art of Being Yourself

Getting away from the rest of the world. Relaxing. Listening to your own thoughts. Large windows allow you to see life and watch the city buzz from a brand-new perspective.

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Lofts are ready for delivery from 09/2023

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VANGUARD is exceptional, like every person interested in this residential project. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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