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Be the architect of the home of your dreams. Create the design yourself or with help from top architects. You now have a unique chance to acquire a Vanguard loft in the Shell & Core format.

Ivanka Kowalski

Natural artistic talent, refined taste, extensive experience from living in London and New York. Witness the portfolio of top-notch interior designer Ivanka Kowalski. Her minimalist approach is characterized by modern elegance, freshness, comfort, and harmony.

Studio S K U L L

Ideas, images, metaphors, concepts, and visions transformed into matter through objects of varied character. This fascinating mixture of arts and crafts is the essential ingredient of everything created in S K U L L laboratories.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)


Radka and Jakub Vala, an architect couple known as Studio OOOOX, are like fish in water in the industrial setting. The uncompromising austerity of concrete allows them to highlight the softness and malleability of other materials. Apart from the lofts, OOOOX's signature approach is reflected in the design of the lobby and the wellness center.

(from CZK 9.2 mil.)

It's up to you how you experience Vanguard

Car lift, concierge, private terrace, spa, reception, fitness, pool, 4.5 m high ceilings, and concrete.

Each of the 150 lofts is a chance for you to express your creativity – More About Services

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Lofts are ready for delivery from 09/2023

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VANGUARD is exceptional, like every person interested in this residential project. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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