Lifestyle Called Loft

Loft is not just a way of housing - loft is a lifestyle. Originally it was a way of housing for bohemians in big metropolises, such as New York or London, where the creative and rampant individuals created their own extravagant worlds in the former factory halls.

Much of this is still true today - the open space of lofts, full of airiness and light, is synonymous with creativity and exclusivity. Lofts represent a new dimension of housing for everyone who needs a room to live as they like. And VANGUARD is the only real loft project in the Czech Republic.


We are always ahead - born to be visionaries who follow only our instincts.
We live our lives to the fullest and on our own terms. We don’t settle for less.
We inspire others and we never stop looking for inspiration.
We breathe the present and look to the future.
We are always ahead of time. We are VANGUARD.

A community of exceptional personas

Living in this residential project entails unique opportunities and unrepeatable challenges. A community of exceptional individuals - artists, creative spirits, leading types and familiar faces - will come together in one place to create the genius loci of VANGUARD together with you.

Find Your Loft

Choose your dream loft according to your wishes and parameters on our configurator.

An easy-to-do and intuitive process helps you define your expectations in accordance with your possibilities in a few steps, so you can immediately find out the price and availability of your chosen solution.