Lofts in Prague with a New York Vibe

We brought the original factory of aircraft components back to life in the form of 150 exclusive lofts. The unique oversized construction with extreme load-bearing capacity and strength exudes a specific industrial atmosphere - while leaving room for your creativity and dreams.

Don't miss out on a unique investment opportunity and the chance to be part of a community of unique individuals. VANGUARD is genius loci you create by yourselves.

The project is expected to be completed at early 2023.


Unique Building

The VANGUARD building revives the industrial spirit of the former Microna factory where the aviation technology and instruments were made. The monumental 16,000 m² complex is made of a prefabricated reinforced concrete frame construction and is distinguished by its superior strength, floor heights of up to 4.5 m and high load-bearing ceilings that can support practically anything.

There are a total of 150 lofts on 14 floors, with layouts ranging from 40 m² to 700 m². Almost all of them have a terrace and the upper floors offer unforgettable views of the surroundings. VANGUARD is unprecedented in the Czech Republic and is an excellent example of a use of the existing architecture where new aesthetics and custom qualities are being created.

Space for your creativity

VANGUARD represents enough room for you to turn your desire for creative living into reality. Now you have a unique opportunity to get one of the Shell & Core lofts and design your dream place to live by yourselves or in collaboration with our architects.

Thanks to the spectacular ceiling heights and exceptional space layouts, you are free to design your loft entirely to your liking. And in the VANGUARD project, there are no limits.
Make your mark!

Lofts made to measure

Three renowned architectural studios are behind a design that is anything but ordinary. Each of them represents a different concept of industrial space. Choose the one that fits your personality and style perfectly.

Shell & Core

The Shell & Core basic form gives you unlimited space to make your dreams about loft housing come true. Design your loft by yourselves or in collaboration with your own designer and experience the never-ending sense of freedom in absolutely exceptional layouts. VANGUARD knows no limits.

30 Years of Experience

Since its establishment in 1991, PSN s.r.o. has developed into one of the most important players on the real estate market in the Czech Republic. Besides many architectural treasures and innovative real properties, such as the Dancing House, the House of Fashion or the City Empiria skyscraper in Prague, you will find also the legendary Metronome at Letná in the portfolio of the brand. The latter also dominates the logo of the company, which has been setting new standards for development solutions and bringing houses to life for 30 years.

Find Your Loft

Choose your dream loft according to your wishes and parameters on our configurator.

An easy-to-do and intuitive process helps you define your expectations in accordance with your possibilities in a few steps, so you can immediately find out the price and availability of your chosen solution.