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Massively high ceilings can hold almost anything. Maybe even your own pool in the middle of the living room? The entire building stands out with an atypical ceiling height up to 4.4 m thus multiplying the area and the possibilities for interior designs. Can't say goodbye to your beautiful car? Thanks to the car lift you can park it directly in your loft and enjoy it from your couch.
Visualization can be different from final realization.


Vanguard has a unique challenge to revive the bodies of past times. The project itself is truly unique in terms of both scale and and overall conception. Vanguard brings a whole new concept which is unprecedented in the the Czech Republic and is an excellent example of architecture conversion where new aesthetics and qualities are created. It's possible to take a special elevator to your loft with great size variety and spatial plan in your own car and thus this is unrivalled. Part of the project includes above-standard roof terraces, swimming pools, spa, fitness and besides other attractions and a river pier.” The quality will test time and experience, and both have the architect Petr Drexler, who has been working with PSN for over twenty years. In his proposals, he is not afraid to experiment, but with a sense of preservation of valuable details of reconstructed houses. In his work he is dedicated to both residential and commercial projects. The prestigious collaboration with PSN resulted in a premium project Vanguard by PSN, which they now represent.


The project is managed by PSN s.r.o., a prestigious development company that has been active in the real estate market since 1991. There are many lucrative properties under their management including the Dancing House, the Kotva department store or the legendary metronome on Letná. Vanguard Prague ranks among those who take on original projects that set new standards for developer solutions.
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The VANGUARD residence is an exceptional project, just as our customers are unique to us. If you have any questions about the project, please write to us and we will contact you shortly.

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